Complete Business Services Africa supplies World Class, Workforce Management and Physical Security solutions from Industry-leading solution providers into the African market.

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Complete Business Services Africa supplies World Class, Workforce Management and Physical Security solutions from Industry-leading solution providers into the Southern African Market. 



Complete Business Services Africa is trusted by customers throughout Africa for innovative SaaS technology, seamless installation and integration, reliable maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and insightful analytics. We’re guided by our vision of building safer, healthier and more efficient environments, with the purpose of providing our customers with tangible returns on their investment

Astrow Workforce Management System

Taking Workforce Management To The Cloud

The ever-challenging ability to manage staff productivity, efficiently and effectively in a dynamic workspace is one of the major issues facing Production and HR Management Teams. Get it right, and there are tangible benefits to your staff who will work in a structured environment knowing exactly what the working requirements and expectations are. Get it wrong and the outcome is costly with unscheduled work being done and overtime being worked when it is very possibly not necessary. There has been a steady and continuous shift from the sale of on-premises WFM applications to cloud-hosted WFM applications. This has given rise to the development of cloud-native WFM applications, one of the main characteristics of which is that the architecture is multitenant. 

Many of the largest vendors have re-platformed as a result, which has led to a new generation of WFM applications. As vendors re-platform, they also make provisions for new functionality and capabilities that have the potential to transform and augment WFM, and potentially disrupt the market By 2023, at least 99% of all new WFM application sales will leverage cloud-based deployment models. (Gartner) Complete Business Services integrated product offerings in both the Workforce Management and Physical Security markets have been developed from the ground up as a Web Based and Cloud system that fully supports multi-tenant, SaaS, and hosted Cloud platforms

Introducing ASTROW Workforce Management Solutions

Specifically designed as a WEB based system either as an On-Premise installation or as a SaaS Cloud solution


We take pride in our ability to offer fully integrated solutions

With our in - house developed application WFMINT (Workforce Integration Management Tool) we are able to integrate data from and to any open Database that our Customers are currently using. This together with published API’s from our suppliers allows us to integrate data between our current systems as well as all future requirements

Digiovi IDcontrol

Fully hosted Physical access control systems

Digiovi IDcontrol is a fully featured and functional physical security system that caters for the broad based access control market.

It is a Controller and Web-based application that operates as a Multi-Tenanted PACS solution. The deployment is simple and fast, Web-based, VPN enabled door controllers are installed at the customer’s premises and connected to existing door hardware or turnstiles/vehicle barriers.

No IdControl software is installed at the customer’s premises at all, as the Software is a hosted system that resides in our Servers and Data Centre in Johannesburg and Cape Town


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