Astrow Workforce Management – more than a Time Management tool

Astrow Cloud, which is a fully featured Workforce management solution, has been deployed over many years throughout a vast number of Customers and across a diverse cross section of industries.

It continues to deliver exceptional functionality that provides advanced management tools  that utilise all that mobility technology platforms have to offer.

In this and future briefings we will discuss each of these in turn and their amazing benefits to users.

The Mobile Presence Indication application is just one of these features designed to keep supervisors fully up to date of the status of the Teams that they are responsible for Astrow Mobile.

The mobile PIP allows you to retrieve in real-time, information about attendances in your team. You’ll have access to all the data you may possibly need; regardless of where you are. If you can connect through the internet to the Astrow Cloud server or any other private server with public IP you will have full access to the status of your Workforce.

Keep informed anywhere, anytime


For emergency situations, the app has been equipped with an interactive emergency list which can be activated by simply clicking a button. By clicking the ‘thumbs up’ icon, you as a manager can confirm each individual person’s attendance at the assembly point. Moreover, it is possible to switch be-tween the options ‘confirmed’ and ‘not confirmed’ to make corrections if needed. Once ready, the list can be directly sent by e-mail for confirmation.

Maximal ease of use

Like all our other apps, the Mobile PIP is available on Google Play and in the App Store. Its configuration is very easy since, based on an ID, all settings will be automatically synchronized. All you need is a user name and password.