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SIGMA RANGE is a multi-device family for fingerprint access control and time & attendance recording. Building upon IDEMIA’s successes in biometrics, SIGMA devices offer
unprecedented accuracy, reliability and cost-effective solutions for
leveraging biometric security within private or public organizations.

SIGMA Lite: Ideally suited for access control applications, easily installed on door frames as well as Turnstiles: As with the Sigma Lite but including a display for showing Time and Date

SIGMA Extreme: Designed for harsh environments and weather conditions,

SIGMA Wide: Undoubtedly the most flexible fingerprint biometric scanner. With a 5” touchscreen,

All the above touch devices can be fitted with STERIC modules that will provide untra-violet light sanitizer for the fingerprint sensor after each transaction

Fast, secure and reliable touch fingerprint technology

The SIGMA Range implements no fewer than 20 patents to master biometric identification. Enhanced with exclusive features like anti-fraud, fake finger detection and duress finger prevention, accuracy is maintained regardless of the number of users and it offers up to 1:100K identification in less than 1 second for regular users. Even in tough environments, SIGMA Extreme guarantees maximum accuracy, with its patented electro-optical anti-fraud feature making it a terminal for use in the harshest outdoors conditions.

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