Astrow Workforce Management System

The ever-challenging ability to manage staff productivity, efficiently and effectively in a dynamic workspace is one of the major issues facing Production and HR Management Teams.  and expectations are.

Get it right, and there are tangible benefits to your staff who will work in a structured environment knowing exactly what the working requirements and expectations are. Get it wrong and the outcome is costly with unscheduled work being done and overtime being worked when it is very possibly not necessary. There has been a steady and continuous shift from the sale of on-premises WFM applications to cloud-hosted WFM applications. This has given rise to the development of cloud-native WFM applications, one of the main characteristics of which is that the architecture is multitenant. 

Specifically designed as a WEB based system either as an On-Premise installation or as a SaaS Cloud solution

ASTROW SOFTWARE as a SERVICE (SaaS) and Astrow Cloud can be offered as a cloud based/SaaS solution as well as in the traditional on-premises model. The software is installed in our ISO Certified Data center and accessed over the Internet using your favorite web browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple Safari. We provide the servers and guarantee that they meet the requirements for the size of your Astrow system


Cutting-Edge T&A Software

iOS and Android apps that allow for both clocking and management of staff on the go, for management an ideal tool to easily see who is at work, arrived late and roll call for their Teams in the case of an Emergency evacuation

Mobile MSS With Huge Benefits !

Mobile MSS helps managers keep an overview of what’s going on in their teams. In the Dashboard, which can be fully set to their personal preferences, they can drag the information that is most important to them. On top, they get a clear overview of the different requests in their team.

Emergency evacuation roll call application

Team presence indication

Home screen for mobile clocking generation, Schedule plan, PIP and Team presence view

Astrow time registration hardware

Terminals for efficient time registration of your employees and simple reporting, completely tailored to your SME. Full functionality of Employee Self Service to provide:

  1. Biometric Reader option
  2. RFID badge scanner 125 Khz or Mifare
  3. Visitor management
  4. Employee self service
  5. Management codes
  6. Time Card view
  7. USB 2.0 hub
  8. Status icons
  9. Multi-touch screen
  10. Personalised Company logo
  11. 2MP camera

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